And how they do grow even if not planted in the dirt!

And how they do grow even if not planted in the dirt!
Cap'n Thatch

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year.... Opportunity for New Experiences

It has been a very insane post-holiday season. Each January in my world presents what feels like insurmountable expectations and deadlines in my professional career. Each January in my world is a month to not only survive but reflect upon and make decisions on how to make the next one a little less trying on me and ALL those poor souls who must survive me.

We are rapidly approaching the one year anniversary of the birth of Thatcher Wyatt Becht, the light of our life in the Becht household. He is incredibly happy and healthy and quite honestly, owns our home. His mom is diligently planning a wonderful party beginning with a most creative invitation that will be mailed very soon. I won't share the theme but I will tell you that the invitation creation process is stinking up my house. Now aren't you intrigued?

School of course is back in full bloom long before spring. Whit is finishing her second (and last) semester at Ivy Tech before transferring to USI. David is finishing his last semester before graduating. Nick is in semester #2 at USI and I again, the perpetual student have a night class as well. 18 hours after this semester before setting the next education goal. All this of course takes significant coordination to keep Cap'n Thatch from having to go to daycare. So far .... so good.

So in spite of the usual January stress or perhaps because of it, February is looking better all the time. Spring can't come fast enough for us this year. That beautiful little boy is going to bring the entire family outdoor to play and chase and dig in the dirt! And oh my...I do love to dig in the dirt!

2009 was a year of blessings. 2010 will be no less. God has a plan for each and every one of us. Our job is to simply follow Him down the path he has chosen for us.

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  1. Debbie, I think you are amazing--juggling school, a career, children and now a grandson. I hope that part of God's plan is for our paths to cross (physically--not in cyberspace) in the New Year. It has been TOO LONG!!