And how they do grow even if not planted in the dirt!

And how they do grow even if not planted in the dirt!
Cap'n Thatch

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And so it begins....

Technology is not my thing....just ask anyone who works with me! I am however, light years ahead of one particular friend in that regard. I won't mention who but Mary, you know who you are. While reading updates on some of my facebook friends' walls, I felt compelled to push even further into the world of technology and publicly blog. Now I must admit that I tend to sometimes get too much on the plate. That means I run the risk of falling flat on my face and never adding another update to my baby blog. But hey, I could go through life failing by taking risks or failing by avoiding risks. The first path sounds much more interesting to me! And at age 50, it is time to take a few risks.

It was a very beautiful day in my world. Sunshining, a wonderful drive and visit in my "work region". I love days like that. They make me smile. Not as much as my 8 month old incandescently beautiful grandson - Thatcher but that is a smile on a entirely different level.

Here is wishing all of you health, joy and eternal happiness and wishing me luck in remembering how to even get back into this blog!

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