And how they do grow even if not planted in the dirt!

And how they do grow even if not planted in the dirt!
Cap'n Thatch

Monday, November 9, 2009

So What Did I learn Today?

Today I learned that most college-age students of today really can still be influenced when it comes to their moral direction. You just have to guide them to a different conclusion. That came about in an ethics class this evening as my eloquent and skillful instructor played devil's advocate to some pretty controversial topics - abortion and gay marriage. It was rather fascinating to watch and renewed my faith in their willingness to realize that their decisions really can impact others - which matters (particularly to those "others"). really isn't all about them. It is all about ME!

I learned that my decision to forego a wonderful week in Puerto Rico with my sister was probably the right decision. I have been home in beautiful weather as she sits in the rain! So sorry sis but as usual, I am being responsible.

Finally, I learned that no matter how much I take off the plate, it continues to be refilled by others. What is that about and how do I get it under control? Perhaps by first taking ownership of the plate. No more food goes on until I have eaten all those veggies already on it! Sounds like an excellent diet plan to me!

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  1. You are wise beyond your years. Maybe the two of us should plan a trip to Puerto Rico--and let's pick a week when it ISN'T raining!! :)