And how they do grow even if not planted in the dirt!

And how they do grow even if not planted in the dirt!
Cap'n Thatch

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sometimes Life's Lemonade is actually Sangria!

What a great week in my world. Not only did I complete my course plan to finally finish that degree... whoop whooop BUT my advisor advised me with some great advice! It seems that I can get 8 hours of credit for all that painful insurance and brokerage licensing with some documentation and a little more essay type writing. CHECK!

That will put me down to 24 hours to go... yes my friends....24 hours, a mere 8 classes and then I can start on that masters! OK... a girl can still dream.

With a little more diligence, discipline and diplomacy, I could actually finish about the time everyone else in my house finishes. Now how cute would that be? Everyone say aawwweeeeeee.

The pressure is on... Afterall, I did run around with the brainiac kids and need to catch up!

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  1. Aawwweeeeeee!!

    (I hope I spelled that right...)